Hi there! Welcome to the CITI-SENSE school portal 

CITI-SENSE is a European research project that develops citizens' observatories to empower citizens to contribute to and participate in environmental governance. As a part of this project we want to enable schools to take part in air quality monitoring.

This portal is a common entry point for the 12 schools that participate in the project, providing access to data about air quality in their schools, discussion forums, and other relevant information about the project.

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Air quality in European schools

Poor indoor air quality can have a major impact on both the students and the teachers' ability to concentrate and work efficiently.  This is a major issue across different parts of Europe and can reduce the quality of learning in schools.  

To help schools to learn more about indoor air quality, and participate in improving air quality, we have equipped 12 schools in Europe with electronic sensor units that measure different aspects of indoor air.  

The sensor units measure temperature, relative humidity, CO2, VOC (volatile organic compounds), NO2, noise and radon. The data is updated frequently, and can be accessed through this portal. For more detailed information about the project, please see the learn more section.

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Participating schools

The 12 schools that are participating in the project are located in four different cities in Europe, including Oslo (Norway), Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Belgrade (Serbia). There are 3 participating schools in each city.

Each school that participates has been provided with air quality sensors that they can position at their schools. It is up to the schools themselves to decide where to place the sensors and what to do with the data.

Different types of schools are involved in this initiative from primary schools to secondary or high schools.  However, the same goal is shared by all; which is to learn more about air quality in their schools. For more information, please see the learn more section.

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View and download air quality data

If you are a student or teacher at one of the schools that participate in the project, you can use this portal to browse data from the sensors at your school. To do this however, you need to be provided with a username and password. 

By logging in you will be able to see visualizations of the data from the sensors, showing both live and historic air quality measurements. You can also download sensor data to your own device, in both CSV and Excel formats. 

The browse data page also provides information on how you can integrate sensor data into your own app (if you are a developer).  

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Join the discussion

An important part of the project as a whole is to enable the students to participate in environmental governance. To support this, we provide several discussion platforms. 

In the discussion page on this portal you can discuss any issue related to air quality in your school, and participate in other ongoing discussions. We have forums for the specific schools, and a common forum where all schools can discuss with each other. 

We also have a Facebook page that we try to keep up to date with the latest news and developments in the project. This page also offers the opportunity to discuss any matter related to the project. 

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